Adler Graduate School Staff

Craig Balfany
Director of the Art Therapy Program and Studio, Core Faculty Member
Office: 612-767-7059
Admissions Coordinator
Office: 612-767-7046
Director of Finance and Administration
Office: 612-767-7068
Marina Bluvshtein
Director of Adlerian Studies Programs and Online Education; Core Faculty Member
Office: 612-767-7051
Director of the Marriage and Family Therapy Program; Associate Faculty Member
Office: 612-767-7050
Director of the Career Counseling & Coaching Program, Career Services & Adjunct Faculty Member
Office: 612-767-7060
Field Experience Coordinator
Office: 612-767-7062
Photo of faculty member Amy Wojciechowski
Director of the School Counseling Program and Service Center; Core Faculty Member
Office: 612-767-7065
Coordinator of COD Internships, Adjunct Faculty Member
Office: 320-583-0145
Ev Haas
Director of Admissions and Student Services
Office: 612-767-7044
Dr. Daniel Haugen
Office: 612-767-7048
Earl Heinrich
Media Center Coordinator
Office: 612-767-7049
Chris Helgestad
Vice President for Academic Affairs; Core Faculty Member
Office: 612-767-7047
Mobile: Office Hours:
Jim Jagodzinski
Building Manager/Custodian
Office: 612-767-7069
Technology Systems Administrator
Office: 612-767-7056
Director of Equity and Access, Adjunct Faculty Member
Office: 651-998-9376
Information Technology Director
Office: 612-767-7058
Ray Li
Staff Accountant
Librarian, Adjunct Faculty
Office: 612-767-7063
Director of Financial Aid
Office: 612-767-7043
President's Assistant
Office: 612-767-7042
Coordinator of School Counseling Internships & Service Center; Associate Faculty Member
Office: 612-767-7066
Erin Rafferty
Field Experience Coordinator, Mental Health Counseling and Art Therapy, Adjunct Faculty Member
Office: 612-767-7061
Director of Clinical Mental Health Counseling Program; Associate Faculty Member
Office: 612-767-7052
Debbie Velasco
Registrar, International Student Contact
Office: 612-767-7064
Field Experience Coordinator
Office: 612-767-7097