Professional Journals

The Adlerian Journal Collection
Consists of the various incarnations of the American Journal of Individual Psychology.

Adlerian Digitization Project:  full-text of articles from Journal of Individual Psychology (1940-1973 aka Individual Psychology, American Journal of Individual Psychology, Individual Psychology Bulletin and Individual Psychology News) and Individual Psychologist (1963-78) now available at


For the Adler Graduate School, EBSCO serves as the principle online access point to professional literature for the primary fields taught at Adler, inlcuding PsycInfo (Psychology), Medline (Medicine, including Psychiatry and Addictions), and ERIC (Education), as well as many supporting resources that provide full-text of articles in many disciplines.

From EBSCO website: “EBSCO databases and discovery technologies are the most-used, premium online information resources for tens of thousands of institutions worldwide, representing millions of end-users.  As the leading database and eBook provider for libraries and other institutions, EBSCO provides more than 375 full-text and secondary research databases and more than 300,000 eBooks and audiobooks, giving students and faculty unparalleled access to world-renowned content in all subject areas.”

User ID and Password available by contacting the Adler Media Center Coordinator (

American Psychiatric Association
Includes access to all versions of the DSM (I thru IV-TR at present, V in the works) and related books and access to articles in all issues of their journals (American Journal of Psychiatry, Academic Psychiatry, Journal of Neuropsychiatry and Clinical Neurosciences, Journal of Psychotherapy Practice and Research Psychiatric Services, and Psychosomatics).

User ID and Password same as for the EBSCO resources.

International Journal of Art Therapy
Full-text access from version 2 (1997) to the present.

User ID and Password available by contacting the Adler Media Center Coordinator (  Note: They are NOT the same as for EBSCO or psychiatryonline.


Open Access Journals in Psychology 
A variety of full-text online journals in Psychology