650 Foundations of Professional Life Coaching

This course is designed to introduce students to one of the ten fastest growing professions in the field of support.  What is life coaching?  Why has it become such a popular means of support?  Where does coaching fit in the fields of mental health and human development?  Included in this course is an examination of the Principles of Adlerian Psychology as the foundation for life coaching.  The coaching relationship is designed and customized to promote the personal and professional success of the client.  Skills included in this course are managing fear (coach and client’s), connecting quickly and powerfully with clients, using metaphor and imagery to capture the present and create the future, identifying and anchoring a client’s vision, using powerful questions, and anchoring learning through acknowledgement.  The majority of class time will be spent demonstrating and practicing coaching techniques for students to use in their current work or in developing their own coaching practices.