FA Application Checklist - How to Apply

Financial Aid Application Checklist

Students seeking financial aid must contact the Financial Aid Office at the time of admission. To be considered for the federal Stafford loan program, follow the steps outlined below.

  • Gather your financial records for the most recent complete tax year - a copy of your tax return, W-2s, bank statements, investment records, etc.
  • Go to www.fafsa.ed.gov. This website provides information about the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and an on-line FAFSA application. The FAFSA is a need analysis tool that is required if you'd like to be considered for any type of federal financial aid. Paper copies of the FAFSA are also available from the Financial Aid Office; however, we strongly encourage you to complete the FAFSA on-line. It's much quicker (days instead of weeks), and more accurate - there are edits built into the on-line application that will prevent you from making certain common errors.
  • Within the FAFSA website, there is a link to www.pin.ed.gov. At this site you can request a Personal Identification Number (PIN). The PIN acts as an access code for your FAFSA information, and is also considered an electronic signature. Signing your FAFSA electronically is the quickest, most efficient way to have your FAFSA processed. Your PIN will be mailed to you within 10 business days or e-mailed to you within 48 hours. If you don't have access to e-mail, let us know - we can help you set up a free e-mail account.
  • Complete the on-line FAFSA at www.fafsa.ed.gov. Because of the sensitive nature of the data you will provide, you will be asked to create a password to be used with the FAFSA in addition to your PIN. It's a good idea to print out a copy of your FAFSA information. Adler will receive an electronic version of your FAFSA results. Be sure to include our school code B08041in step six.
  • Watch your mail! Adler will send you a letter advising you of your eligibility for federal student loans. (As you may know, graduate students are not eligible for state or federal grants.) You decide how much, if any, student loan funds you'd like to accept. Sign the "Advice Of Loan Eligibility" and return it to us. We may also request additional information to clarify your FAFSA data and enrollment plans.
  • If you'd like to accept any federal student loan funds, you must also complete a Master Promissory Note (MPN). This is your legally binding contract to repay the loan funds that are extended to you. Please sign your MPN electronically by visiting https://studentloans.gov/ Under “Manage My Direct Loan” select “Sign In” and follow the instructions to sign in with your FAFSA PIN. Select “Complete Master Promissory Note” and follow the prompts. AGS will be notified electronically when the MPN has been successfully completed.
  • All students who are expecting student loans for the first time at Adler must complete a loan entrance interview. For your convenience, we fulfill this requirement with an on-line counseling program. Please go to https://studentloans.gov/. Under “Manage My Direct Loan” select “Sign In” and follow the instructions to sign in with your FAFSA PIN. Select “Complete Entrance Counseling” and follow the prompts. AGS will be notified electronically when entrance counseling requirements are satisfied.
  • We will notify you by phone or e-mail when your student loan funds are disbursed. This occurs typically at the start of the term.  All loan funds will be applied toward your tuition and fees; if your loan funds exceed the amount you owe for tuition and fees, we will issue a refund check to you within three business days. This refund can be used for living expenses and other educational costs. Please note that we will not extend a line of credit for the purchase of books based on expected financial aid funds - plan ahead to purchase your text books.
  • If you have prior student loans that are currently in repayment, you may be eligible for an in-school deferment on those loans.  Contact your student loan servicer for loan deferment information.