John Reardon, MA

Core Faculty Member

MA - Adler School of Professional Psychology, Chicago, IL
MA - University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN
BS - University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, WI

Office Phone: 
Professional Practice: 

John is the owner of Phoenix Process Consultants in Minnetonka which offers both counseling and consulting services. Phoenix specializes in providing systemic team therapy to families and couples. The consulting component encompasses organizational development specializing both in the training and providing of conflict resolution. Other specializations include leadership development, high-performance team development, quality process and strategic planning.

Select Publications: 

Reardon, J. (1984). Circles of life. Wayzata, MN, Phoenix Process Publishing.

Reardon, J. (2001). Ireland: Gateway to spiritual longing. Wayzata, MN: Phoenix Process Publishing.

Reardon, J. (2001). Chaos, change and transformation. Wayzata, MN, Phoenix Process Publishing.

Reardon, J. (1986). Wellness: A corporate intervention. Wayzata, MN: Phoenix Process Publishing.

Reardon, J. (2000). The transforming way. Wayzata, MN: Phoenix Process Publishing.

Reardon, J. (2007). Fight? flee! resolve. Wayzata, MN: Phoenix Process Publishing.

Select Presentations: 

Creative Conflict Resolution Process
Dealing with Attitudes of Entitlement
Celtic Spirituality
Performance Improvement
Quality Process
Therapeutic Training Workshops: Reconciliation and Forgiveness as it Applies to Therapy
Systemic Team Therapy-Renew Your Tools
Dynamics of Shame
Understand Complexity-Defeat Complication
Embrace Chaos in Consulting
So You Want To Start A Practice-Let's!
Nodes and Eases: Dynamic Promotion

What I like about Adler Graduate School: 

"Being a trained Adlerian was a pivotal accomplishment. It helped me integrate heritage, spirituality, and psyche. Further, it lead to fulfilling a 'calling' to help folks to 'transform and deepen living.' The fact that Adlerian Psychology challenges the existing American culture gives great purpose to all Adlerians. Adlerians value orientation. That makes me and my colleagues points of hope in a culture of competition, exclusion, and disregard for personal and community common good. Because we are not 'value neutral' we have a life changing call and role. That is an exciting vocation."