Due to societal expectations, men are expected to be independent and are conditioned not to express emotions at an early age. Unfortunately, these acts have significant consequences for men’s mental health. This presentation will explore the dynamics of counseling men, including stigma around mental health, recognizing barriers towards the counseling relationship, and approaches and interventions to enhance the therapeutic process when working with men.


The instructor will provide a PowerPoint presentation, and a discussion throughout the program/Q & A, with handouts of the slides.

2 CEs

MFT Pending

Participants will learn about the barriers that can prevent men from encountering counseling and how these barriers can affect the therapeutic process. Also, participants will gain knowledge on establishing a therapeutic relationship with men. Lastly, participants can expect to enhance their understanding of therapeutic interventions when applying interventions to men.

Dr. Antwan Player is an assistant professor at Adler Graduate School located in Minnetonka, Minnesota, and has 10+ years as a clinical counselor. Antwan holds two licenses, one in Minnesota as a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (LPCC) and another in Florida as a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC). Antwan is a member of various organizations and was previously the Ethics Co-Chair for the Minnesota Counseling Association. From a clinical standpoint, Dr. Player’s clinical philosophy focuses on helping individuals reach self-actualization. His clinical experience has afforded him the opportunity to work with a range of diverse populations, including, high-risk adolescents, parenting enhancement, and individuals of the LGBTQIA community to name a few.