Welcome to our AGS Community in Action Page!

There are many opportunities for students and alumni to engage in professional development opportunities within the school and broader community. Here is a selection of resources available to you. Consider joining the Adlerian Student Collaborative (ASC) group! Contact us to learn more about how you can be part of putting social interest into action.

Evelyn Haas

Adlerian Student Collaborative (ASC)

Adlerian Student Collaborative (ASC) was created by students and for students to gather, share, and engage in professional development opportunities within the community. ASC is an action-oriented social interest group. The central goal is to create and foster inclusivity at AGS and in the greater community.

Membership in this student group provides an excellent opportunity for networking, professional development, and building community, and it looks great on a resume! Becoming a member is simple—just sign up! You can engage in our social network, email, and activities as your time allows. There is no cost to join Adlerian Student Collaborative. The only requirement is your commitment to putting social interest in action and connecting with other Adler Grads. We are currently looking for student leaders. Serving as a student leader will give you an opportunity to engage in community organizing, leadership, and networking, and to provide a student voice in select faculty committees! If you are interested in serving as a student leader, please contact Breanne Hiivala Cahoy at breanne.cahoy@alfredadler.edu.

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Social Interest in Action Committee (SIAC)

The Social Interest in Action Committee, whose members include AGS staff and faculty, in collaboration with the Hub and the Adlerian Student Collaborative group, fosters belonging and a sense of encouragement within our community and community partners to carry out the mission of Adler Graduate School.  

Through focusing on and identifying community needs, the SIAC coordinates volunteers, provides health and wellness opportunities, facilitation and connection with speaking, training, and healing-centered engagement on mental health-related topics based on community request and need.  

Employees of AGS are welcome to participate in any capacity!  For questions about or to join the SIAC, contact: siac@alfredadler.edu

Services and Resources

  • Graduation and orientation videos
  • Speakers and free workshops for students
  • Mentoring for new and graduating students
  • Fundraising & Recruiting
  • Community volunteering
  • Alumni connections and Advisory Board
  • Reduced supervision and counseling fees for students and alumni
  • Career information, job openings, and Psychology Today Adler pages