Students who are in good standing and actively enrolled at the Adler Graduate School and receiving federal financial aid are eligible for loans through the Emergency Loan Fund (ELF). Applications for an ELF loan of up to $500 should be directed to Adler's Director of Financial Aid/Registrar.


If approved, the loan will be disbursed in a timely manner and will be interest-free. Emergency loans must be repaid within 90 days of receiving a loan. Federal guidelines concerning Title IV student loans allow Adler, if necessary, to collect an amount equal to the emergency loan when a student receives her/his next Title IV student loan. More specifically, when an emergency loan has been received, a student will typically apply for her/his customary level of financial aid, plus the additional funds necessary to cover the outstanding emergency loan and any outstanding tuition owed.

Adler Graduate School’s Director of Financial Aid/Registrar will recommend the emergency loan option on a case-by-case basis, and will make a determination as to whether a student is eligible for emergency funds based on financial aid status and loans already applied for. With the approval of Adler's President, international students facing financial hardship will also be eligible to apply for up to $500 in emergency loan funds. F-1 Students must provide proof that the hardship was unforeseen and that they will have the means to repay the emergency loan fund. Inability to provide documentation of need and/or repayment plans will result in denial of the prospective loan. Written documentation must be provided by the student’s family or sponsor, or whoever will be guaranteeing repayment.

Prior to receiving an emergency loan, a student must demonstrate that she/he has sufficient ability to make repayment within six months after receiving a loan. Future registrations may be put on hold if loans are not repaid within six months of the loan disbursement.