Students who have been withdrawn due to inactivity, have the opportunity to reapply for admission.  Students will be expected to complete the admissions application and submit a new goal statement. Upon receipt of the application, the admissions assistant will forward the completed application to the Registrar’s Office where the re-admission process will begin. Students who have been withdrawn due to inactivity are subject to any and all new degree requirements implemented during the student’s period of withdrawal/inactivity.  The new requirements supersede requirements in place at the time of their initial admission to the college.

Re-Admission Contract

The admission application begins the re-admission process. The Registrar circulates the Internal Re-Admissions Form (IRF) for signatures to verify the following:

  • The student is in good academic standing as described in our Academic Progress Policy
  • The student account is in good standing – no write-offs, no outstanding balance

After the student clears these steps, the IRF is forwarded to the program chair with a copy of the student’s transcript.  The chair performs a degree audit to determine the following:

Is this student still a candidate for their program based on past academic performance?

If yes, the chair does a degree audit to determine what course(s) are still outstanding and:

  • Whether the student has successfully completed Field Experience requirements;
  • Does the student have courses 7 years or older that need repeating?

The results of the degree audit are communicated to the student in writing via the re-admissions contract.  The student confirms their agreement and desire to continue by signing the Re-Admission Contract. The contract states explicitly which courses must be retaken and what the final deadline is.  A copy is given to the student.

If the student is unable to meet the newly agreed upon deadline, several outcomes are possible:

  1. If failure to meet the deadline causes certain courses to expire, the student will need to retake and pass the course.
  2. If failure to meet the deadline violates a firm and final deadline, the student will be withdrawn from the school and will be unable to complete their degree.