The Adler Hub provides resources and developmental support through meaningful connections within our global Adlerian community.



Services and Resources


Breanne Hiivala Cahoy

Allison Zapata

  • Resume Services
  • Career Services (e.g., workshops for students, mock interviews, job search help)
  • Career events
  • CV/Resume templates
  • Tips and strategies
  • Connecting with Mentors
  • Adlerian Student Collaborative

Breanne Hiivala Cahoy

Allison Zapata

  • Wellness HubTalks
  • Wellness Challenges
  • Self-Care Resources
  • Adlerian Student Collaborative
  • Social Interest in Action (SIAC)
  • Wellness / Self-Care Workshops

Nick Reis
  • Trainings for Moodle, SONIS, LiveText, Zoom, and O365
  • Moodle classroom support
  • Workshops for Individuals, Groups, & Alums
  • All technology needs

Nikki Marchand
  • Accessing information effectively and efficiently
  • Planning writing assignments
  • Reviewing research sources and beginning analysis, paraphrasing, and synthesis
  • Copyright guidelines
  • Database access guides
  • Workshops

Michael Grohs

  • APA usage and formatting
  • Avoiding plagiarism
  • Revising writing assignments
  • Writing Resources
  • Workshops

Evelyn Haas

Erin Rafferty-Bugher & Allison Zapata

  • Graduation and orientation videos
  • Speakers and free workshops to students
  • Mentoring for new and graduating students
  • Fund Raising & Recruiting
  • Community volunteering
  • Social Interest in Action (SIAC)
  • Adlerian Student Collaborative
  • Alumni connections and Advisory Board
  • Reduced supervision and counseling fees for students and alumni
  • Career information, job openings, Psychology Today Adler pages