The Jim Ramstad Community Service Center supports agencies that provide critical resource for thousands of Minnesotans. The Center is dedicated to reflecting the legacy of one of our state’s most treasured leaders, retired Congressman Jim Ramstad.

With the support of Congressman Jim Ramstad, the Paul Wellstone and Pete Domenici Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act was passed into law in 2008. According to Robert Pear of The New York Times, this milestone piece of legislation will improve insurance coverage for mental health treatments for 113 million more Americans by providing access to those who currently lack access to mental health and chemical health services. Congressman Ramstad’s efforts will also help the Adler Graduate School’s community-based interns and graduates to be even more responsive and effective, and will allow us to reach people who, previously, have been largely unreachable.

When education is applied to community service, great progress can be made in solving individual, family and community problems. At the Adler Graduate School, we have been combining education with community service for forty years. Now, we have an opportunity to do even more.

In addition to Adler’s graduate-level educational programs, the Center features The Harold Mosak Family Center, offering mental health/chemical health services; the Mim Pew Family Education Center; the School Counseling Service Center; and the Adler Art Therapy Studio. In addition, other non-profit organizations provide complementary services.

At the Center, we are establishing a new model for graduate education and its intersection with civic engagement. Adler is dedicated to preparing students and graduates for service to the whole, increasingly diverse community – not just select parts of the community. In the process, our students’ and graduates’ dedication to community service, the highest standards of ethics, and an unmistakable respect for diversity will be nurtured. We are seeking philanthropic support for the new Center.