Wellness Resources

Adlerian Student Collaborative (ASC) – ASC is an action-oriented social interest group. The central goal is to create and foster inclusivity at AGS and in the greater community.

Minnesota Ecohealing and Ecotherapy Interest Network – for those of you who might be interested in holistic, earth based healing!

Holistic Wellness

Alfred Adler stressed a strength-based holistic approach to viewing people, believing that people strive to contribute socially and have the skills and courage to overcome obstacles to attain their goals. Counselors are called upon to promote wellness in clients through this strength-based holistic approach. Counselors encourage wellness in their clients through developmental approaches and preventative interventions that promote empowerment and optimal functioning. Personal growth and wellness is also central to a counselor’s well-being. Consequently, decreased wellness reduces the quality of services that counselors provide to their clients. Because of the nature of the work counselors do, they face various challenges to their well-being that can result in high levels of stress, burnout, compassion fatigue, vicarious trauma, and impairment. Counselors who are impaired are not effective with clients. Thus, counselors must sustain their wellness to overcome these challenges and improve their resiliency. 

Wellness Resources

Wellness Challenges

The Adlerian Student Collaborative group and the Adler Hub are partnering to present several wellness challenges. Wellness challenges are part of an initiative to encourage self-care, self-compassion, and wellness as we all continue to navigate uncertain times. Stay tuned to the Student Development Hub for details on upcoming wellness challenges.

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