The Adler Graduate School (AGS) and the Adler Graduate School’s Student Association held a weekend presentation with Dr. Richard Watts, one of the world’s foremost Adlerian Scholars on Friday, November 21, and Saturday, November 22. 

Topics discussed:

Being a Therapeutic Chameleon: An Encouragement-focused Perspective

Being a therapeutic chameleon means that the counselor does what the client needs; not what the counselor prefers.  After a brief discussion of Dr. Watts’ understanding of Adlerian encouragement, he addressed how encouragement can serve as a solid foundation for integrative Adlerian therapy.  He also addressed how various techniques from both Adlerian therapy and other approaches can be used in an integrative, encouragement-focused manner to help clients.  

Reflecting As If: A Brief, Integrative, Encouragement-focused Counseling Process

Reflecting As If (RAI) is an integration of Adlerian and constructivist (e.g., solution-focused, narrative) therapy ideas.  It is a perceptual and procedural expansion of Adler’s “Acting As If” technique that employs several evidenced-based procedures. Participants will learn the theory and practice of RAI, see the process demonstrated, and discuss the application of the process in various counseling and leadership settings.

Dr. Richard Watts' bio:

Over the past two decades, Dr. Richard Watts has emerged as one of the world’s leading Adlerian Scholars and practitioners of Alfred Adler’s Individual Psychology.  He has published 140 professional publications, including six books, as well as 108 journal articles, book chapters, and articles for professional organizations and professional magazines.

Dr. Watts currently serves Sam Houston State University, in Huntsville, Texas, and its Department of Counselor Education, as Director of the Center for Research and Doctoral Studies in Counselor Education.  In the Texas State University System where Dr. Watts teaches, he has recently been named a Regents’ Professor.  He is also a Distinguished Professor of Counseling. 

Dr. Watts is Immediate Past-President of the North American Society for Adlerian Psychology (NASAP).  He is also a Fellow of the American Counseling Association and a Diplomate in Adlerian Psychology.`