Student Life

Get involved, broaden perspectives, and benefit from encouraging student support.

The Adler Community

Join a diverse and inclusive community where you’ll feel part of something bigger. At Adler Graduate School, you’re supported in prioritizing your wellness as a student, future practitioner, and forever Adlerian. Positive change comes from encouragement and a deep sense of personal belonging, essential components of your Adler Graduate School experience.

Take your first step to joining the Adler community by downloading our viewbook and discovering our programs, supportive environment, and how you can begin your journey to empowerment.

Encouraging Support

In order to support others, you need to be supported as you learn. The Student Development Hub provides resources and services including career development, learning accommodations, research and writing support, and opportunities to build and develop community.

Student Development Hub

The Student Development Hub provides resources and support through meaningful connections within our global Adlerian community.


We practice what we preach, and we encourage you to do the same. Learn how our community fosters wellness and self care.

Diversity & Inclusion

Learn and explore in an inclusive community
dedicated to preparing an increasingly diverse student body for service to an increasingly diverse community.


It’s simple to source materials for class, research, professional development, and further exploration into Adler’s work.

Adlerian Student Collaborative

Alfred Adler emphasized the importance of social interest over self interest. Our students embody that principle each day in Adlerian Student Collaborative (ASC), an action-oriented social interest group created by students and for students to foster inclusivity and professional development both here and within the greater community. They work closely with the Social Interest in Action Committee to identify community needs and facilitate the speakers, workshops, mentoring, volunteer opportunities, and training opportunities to meet those needs.

My clients consistently tell me that the thing they appreciate most about my work is that I’m authentic. I have Adler to thank for that. It’s made all the difference in the world for me to have the courage to be imperfect.

Leah Corder ‘10

MA, Marriage & Family Therapy

Adler Graduate School provides a platform to engage professors and peers alike, fostering an environment of higher learning and acceptance. Diversity, differing opinions, respect, and voice are welcomed here!

Bernie Menge ‘13

MA, Marriage & Family Therapy

Creating Successful Careers

Career development is a lifelong process. That’s why all graduates have access to holistic, comprehensive career planning services for the rest of their lives. We’ll help you master the art of self-assessment, self-marketing, career management, negotiation, and more.

Next Steps

If you’re ready to get started on your journey to graduate school, or just have questions, we are ready to help you.