A Deep Connection with Our Community

Adler Graduate School is deeply connected with its local communities, providing leadership in professional associations, service center outreach and training to communities and businesses, social action, and continuing professional education. Below are some examples of our faculty’s leadership within our professional communities. We will share the same leadership and experiences to our students and community members. Continue to our In the News section to see other stories and news updates on the school.

Faculty leadership within professional communities

  • ACES – Committee Members (2); conference proposal
  • reviewers (2)
  • AMCD – Treasurer; Southern Region Representative; Secretary
  • SAMHSA – Subject Matter Expert
  • NBCC mentors (3)
  • NCACES/SACES conference proposal reviewers (3)
  • State Counseling Associations – President (2); Ethics Chair; Committee member
  • Editorial Boards – JCD; ALCA Journal
  • AAMCD President; FLAMCD President
  • MARRCH Ethics Committee Chair
  • CSI Chair (2)
  • ACATE member; ACATE Vice Chair; ACATE/CAHEP approved accreditation site visitor

Art Therapy Service Center

The Adler Art Therapy Studio (AATS) consists of a well-equipped 900 square foot art therapy studio.  The space can accommodate groups of up to 18 participants, yet is intimate enough for families and individual sessions.

The AATS will additionally provide opportunities for professional development and continuing education to art therapy and creative arts therapy practitioners.


The Adler Art Therapy Studio has partnered with the following agencies to provide Art Therapy experiences:

Adler Institute for Continuing Education

The creation of a distinctive Institute as part of AGS allows the graduate school to focus on training new professionals for state licensure requirements, national certification standards, and the ability necessary to move from state-to-state. By adding a complementary institute for professional development, we will also honor our beginnings as a close-knit group of professionals who came together for the free exchange of ideas, guiding principles of social interest, and the ongoing development and promotion of Adlerian Psychology.  This ongoing exchange of ideas will serve to support and revitalize both current and future members of our Adlerian community, honor Adlerian traditions, and lead to new or enhanced programming here at the Adler Graduate School.

Adlerian principles and lifestyle were part of my DNA although, of course, I didn’t know it as such. My family believed in community and treating everyone with kindness and compassion. Perhaps, it was this upbringing which drew me to Adler Graduate School. I see it as living, breathing embodiment of all that is Adlerian, as strong or as weak as the people who work here and attend as students. Much of what is Adler, is not found in books, but in people. It is for this reason that I continue my affiliation with AGS. I sincerely hope to continue the tradition that is Adler by helping to develop a strong connection among AGS, its graduates and the community within which we serve.

Fayemarie A. Carter ’14

MA, Marriage and Family

Adler Graduate School provides a platform to engage professors and peers alike, fostering an environment of higher learning and acceptance. Diversity, differing opinions, respect, and voice are welcomed here!

Bernie Menge ‘13

MA, Marriage & Family Therapy

Alumni Association

The Adler Graduate School Alumni Association will develop and model a strong community of alumni through continuing personal and professional relationships by encouraging the continued use of Adlerian principles. The Alumni Association provides opportunities to participate and contribute to the continued development of the graduate school, our community, and society as a whole.

Next Steps

If you’re ready to get started on your journey to graduate school, or just have questions, we are ready to help you.