Self-Regulation Deficits in Mental Health & Substance Use Treatment Setting

A 15-Part Con. Ed. Training Series for Mental Health. Register for a 12 session certificate at 10% discount now . Or each as they appear. About this event Self-regulation is the capacity of a person to control their attention, thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Emerging during infancy and evolving across the lifespan, self-regulation requires a person […]

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Clinical Supervision Training – Fall 2022 -45CEs

This course provides 45 hours of training in clinical supervision. The course meets the Minnesota Board of Behavioral Health and Therapy educational requirements for Professional Counselors (LPCs and LPCCs) and exceeds requirements for Alcohol & Drug Counselors who intend to seek the approved-supervisor credential. The course does NOT meet requirements for the AAMFT approved-supervisor credential, […]


Using the Goals of Misbehavior and the Seven Step Consultation Process

When working with couples and families, this is an invaluable skill in helping individuals respond strategically rather than reactively to perceived misbehavior in that its use can lead to greater feeling of belonging and contributing. Understanding the Goals of Misbehavior and utilizing this knowledge in classroom applications and counseling situations is a critical skill. Using […]

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Excessive Screen Time Exposure: Causes, Consequences and Interventions

Screen time exposure is a common facet of modern-day life. In some instances, persons may engage in screen time behaviors in excess. Excessive screen time exposure is common and contributes to a host of short and long-term consequences. A section of this training will examine the impact excessive screen time exposure has on the entire […]

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Vicarious Trauma: “It Didn’t Happen To Me”

A: What is vicarious trauma? B: How do we treat it? C: How do we face it? Vicarious trauma is an occupational challenge for people working and volunteering in the fields of victim services, therapy, law enforcement, emergency medical services, fire services, and other allied professions, due to their continuous exposure to victims of trauma […]

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The Democratic Youth Engagement Model (DYE)

The model revolves around the practice of... - Collaborating with youth - Honoring the agency of youth - Gaining consent from youth - Centering adults as the models for youth - Holding the relationship paramount between adult and youth   The DYE Model is applicable where adults interact with youth, including... - Youth workers - […]

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