The Adler Graduate School’s physical plant is generally reserved for activities necessary for delivering the educational programs offered by the School.  In some circumstances, Adler will make its physical plant available (especially in the cases of Adler faculty members and alumni) for uses other than those directly related to the delivery of Adler’s educational programs.  Other acceptable uses of Adler’s space could include:

  • Meetings/activities sponsored by a non-profit organization that Adler wishes to facilitate in its role as a “good neighbor” or cooperative community member.
  • Meetings/activities of an Adler faculty member, alumnus/alumna, staff member, student or Adler volunteer that Adler wishes to facilitate as a professional courtesy.
  • Meetings/activities of non-profit or for-profit organizations or constituent groups that are meant to generate revenues.

In all cases, acceptable meetings/activities must be formally pre-approved by Adler’s President or their designee and deemed to be consistent with Adler’s Vision and Mission statements and their related Core Values.