"Through our relationships to others and our environment, 
         we have the opportunity to reach our full human potential, and make the world a better place" 
                                                                             Jeffrey Allen,Ph.D.-President

Welcome to Adler Graduate School!

On behalf of the Adler Graduate School Community, I would like to welcome you to our college. We live by the Adlerian values of: “Dignity, Respect, Equality, Courage, Purpose, and Belonging.” Some of our beliefs focus on the principles that: “people are social beings, all aspects of life are interrelated, positive change comes from encouragement, and personal freedoms exist together with social responsibility.”

Our faculty and staff are committed to supporting you in your educational journey, and we are proud of the quality education you will participate in at Adler Graduate School. Many of our faculty and staff currently work in the field, providing experience and foresight. We take pride in our individualized relationships with students, alumni, faculty, and staff and aspire to an organizational environment where people can serve or be served with great dignity.

We know that your presence here will be positive, and will support you in making the world a greater place. I look forward to hearing about your experiences at the Adler Graduate School and the successes you will have post-graduation.


Jeffrey Allen, PhD, LISW