Adler Graduate School’s (AGS) officers, employees, Board of Directors, and agents (including such groups as the alumni board) comply with the AGS’s code of conduct governing educational loan activities.

In accordance with the College’s ethical standards and Sections 487(a)(25) and 487(e) of the amended Higher Education Act of 1965, the code of conduct prohibits revenue-sharing agreements; receipt of gifts or other compensation from lenders; the assignation of any particular lender to first-time borrowers; a refusal to certify or delay certification of a loan based upon a student or parent’s choice of lender; loan volume guarantees or agreements with any lender; and staffing arrangements with any lender, guarantor, or servicer of education loans. AGS employees who serve on advisory boards or similar groups established by lenders do not receive compensation of any kind for their service.

A detailed Adler Code of Conduct for Educational Loans has been provided to all AGS officers, employees, members of the Board of Directors, and agents affiliated with the College.