This course will be provided to learn additional methods in working with individuals, couples, and families in which Adler’s ideas related to social interest can be incorporated to evoke change. There will be a brief discussion of social interest and Adler’s viewpoints on the concept. We will then look more closely at how this concept can be used in our work with individuals, couples, and families. There will be a closer look at how this is incorporated into parent training. We will briefly talk about how social interest affects the neurochemistry in the brain.

2CE’c MFT Pending

Participants will be able to:

– Understand the concept of social interest in more detail with a brief history of its formation from Alfred Adler and his ideas on the subject

– Identify how social interest affects our lifestyle or movement in life

– Identify various methods of using social interest in our work with individuals, families and couples

– Identify ways to include social interest in parent training

– Learn how social interest affects neurochemistry and brain patterns


Louise Ferry, PhD, LP, LMFT, is a graduate of Adler Graduate School. She earned her PhD in Clinical Psychology at Capella University. She is currently a Doctoral Psychologist at a Community Medical Center in rural Minnesota.

Her responsibilities include assessment and psychotherapy with adults, children, couples, and families. Psychological testing with children, adolescents, and adults. Crisis assistance and evaluations for emergency room and urgent care units of hospital. Evaluations conducted for various agencies such as schools, medical providers, workforce agencies, and social service agencies.