This workshop sparks imagination and invites us on a collective adventure to live to our fullest potential. Presented by Terri Goslin-Jones, PhD, REACE

Expressive arts circles speak to the wonder and transformational power of creative awakening and tap into our collective potential as we attempt to meet life’s challenges. Creativity circles speak across cultures and help heal our world through personal and collective transformation. This workshop highlights the inspiring story of an expressive arts circle that has met for over twelve years. Weaving their collective insights and experiences of conscious creativity with the colorful threads of imagination, artful expression, and friendship.

Dr. Goslin-Jones will demonstrate how the expressive arts and co-creating via the creative spirit circle process have the potential to lead to personal and spiritual growth. Creative tools and inspirational resources will be shared with the participants. This workshop serves and guides professionals in the fields of expressive arts, education, mental health, and coaching, as well as students, artists, individuals, and groups who have a desire to cultivate creativity and support social transformation. This workshop sparks imagination and invites us on a collective adventure to live to our fullest potential.

All are invited to attend this workshop free of charge. A $15 processing fee is required for CE certificates.

1.5 CEs (NBCC; MFT Pending)

Measurable Objectives:

1)Integrate expressive arts with person-centered conditions such as empathy, congruence and unconditional positive regard.

2) Explore and apply intermodal expressive arts to access creative potential within a shared leadership model.

3) Discuss and apply specific tools/processes that generate creative inquiry and manifest our potential across the life span.

4) Identify specific application(s) to implement an expressive arts circle.


Presenter: Terri Goslin-Jones, PhD, REACE

I joined the Creative Spirit Circle with a passion to be engaged in a creative community committed to evolving consciousness using person-centered expressive arts. The immersion in this circle process nourishes my entire “way of being”. In my professional life, I serve as Psychology/Creativity Studies faculty at Saybrook University and previously worked as an organizational development consultant. My reason for teaching and serving as an advisor for doctoral research is to support life-long learners in a quest to create change in their life and in their part of the world. Creativity is at the heart of my work. I am an expressive arts practitioner, a poet, mindfulness facilitator and lead poetry circles as a graduate of the Institute for Poetic Medicine. My creative passions include family life, expressive arts, gardening, a love for life-long learning, poetry, physical fitness, spirituality/contemplative living, and international travel.





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