Metaphors are frequently used in daily conversations and often overlooked as a powerful tool for changing people’s perceptions of self, others and life. This workshop will help therapists identify the metaphors that are used by their clients and by themselves in therapy. People use powerful metaphors to describe their relationships but frequently these metaphors are overlooked by therapists as simply a manner of speaking. Metaphors can provide much insight into a person’s feelings about themselves, about others and about life.

This will be a ninety-minute workshop with the first half focused on a discussion of metaphors and practice identifying metaphors in common use. In addition, a distinction will be made between metaphoric language and propositional/linear correspondence.

The second half of the workshop will focus on a process that can be applied to working with client generated metaphors to help clients understand the importance of their use of metaphors and a way to go from the metaphoric mode of speaking and bridge back to the concrete applications in their current lives. Participants will also have experience applying these same principles to early recollections and in exploring parallel process in case consultation.

1.5 CE’s MFT pending

This workshop will make participants aware of metaphors in conversations and provide specific framework for delving deeper into meanings behind the metaphors

Participants will identify metaphors; use the metaphors to explore images, sensations and feelings; and apply these images, sensations and feelings to client’s lives.

Three types of metaphors will be the focus: metaphors that describe self, others, and life in general.


John Newbauer, Ed.D., is a licensed psychologist currently in practice in the Family Counseling Center in Auburn, IN. He has a Postgraduate Certificate in Adlerian Psychotherapy. He has been the Executive Director of the North American Society of Adlerian Psychology (NASAP) . He has been a faculty member and held various administrative duties for the International Committee of Adlerian Summer Schools and Institutes (ICASSI). He has been a faculty member on the staff of many universities and he is the author of numerous publications.