Do you wish you could find a way to care for clients without carrying their burdens?

Do you need to practice better self-care so you don’t feel burned out?

Do you need to feel more peace inside?


You can work with clients in a way that won’t burn you out. Learn how to create supportive self-talk, a balance of giving and receiving and take better care of your emotions. Learn a process to embrace others’ suffering, pain or trauma without trying so hard to “fix” it. Help clients create calm in the midst of their stress and suffering so you don’t have to “take it on!”


• Participants will learn how to transform interfering beliefs into supportive self-talk for greater self-care, stress reduction and to reduce burn out.

• Participants will learn ways to reduce “taking on the emotions of others” in intimate and work-based relationships.

• Participants will utilize Mindfulness practices to support their well-being as it relates to creating harmony within and with others.


You will enhance your practice skills by learning:

• Techniques to shift self-defeating belief systems that impede self care, impact relationships and create burn out. Techniques can also be taught to couples and families.

• The difference between “caretaking” others and “caregiving” and how to be mindful of these differences in relationships.

• The principles of self-compassion and how it reduces judgment & creates greater behavior change.

• Mindfulness techniques for relaxing emotions and slowing down.


Lisa Venable, MA. has extensive experience in public speaking, facilitation and training in variety of arenas and audiences.


Excellent at problem-solving and work well with all types of people and organizations. Lisa counsels using a holistic, self-empowerment model with individuals and groups, assisting people to find their own answers and perspectives.


She uses Lifestyle, early recollection techniques and Mindfulness Meditation to create calm, and heal mental and emotional energies for greater wellbeing. Lisa has extensive experience both as a student and instructor in Mindfulness Meditation.