President’s Message

Alfred Adler believed that through Social Interest, the feeling of belonging and contributing to community, we are resilient and strive to reach our full human potential.

Today, the importance of community can be seen by doing the right thing and contributing to community in a healthy way that enhances us as people. During these times, by following the scientific guidelines of social distancing and wearing a mask, we are contributing to our community by doing what we can to keep each other safe. This nurtures our healthy growth through respecting others. Therefore, we will continue to deliver our graduate education online through synchronous, hybrid (synchronous and asynchronous), and asynchronous delivery methods through at least the Spring semester of 2021.

I cannot emphasize enough how the Adler Graduate School is needed more than ever in these tumultuous times, to support the mental health needs of our communities, to fight all types of racism, including structural racism and social injustice. This is central to living our vision, to
“transform society through social interest in action,” connecting in every way possible to support each other and support the mission of Adler Graduate School, of “Preparing mental health and human service professionals with a strong Adlerian foundation to foster encouragement, collaboration, and a sense of belonging to the individuals, families, and the culturally diverse communities they serve.”

That is why we have created the AGS task force for Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility (IDEA) with the mission to “support and sustain social and racial justice through awareness and action to consciously create conditions and outcomes for the mental health and human services
profession and AGS community.” The first action of the IDEA task force was to create a Diversity Tuition Scholarship, with a commitment of 10% tuition support. The goal of this scholarship is to increase the Adler Graduate School student population’s diversity, with the intention that the
recipients will contribute to the school’s mission of social justice and equity, including the specific community the student represents. This includes:
• Members of an ethnic or racial group historically excluded from and underrepresented in
graduate education – Black, Indigenous (American Indian/Alaskan Native, Native Hawaiian, or
other Native Pacific Islander) and/or Latinx
• Being of a gender and/or sexual orientation identity historically underrepresented in your field
of study
• Holding DACA, TPS, refugee, or asylee status

We are all in this together; we know the importance of Gemeinshaftsgefuhl and Social Interest
through our contributions. That is why I am asking you to give and contribute to the IDEA
Scholarship and AGS. Your contributions can make the difference between someone being
prepared to transform their community through applying strong Adlerian values and not having that
opportunity. So, give today and support your college in fighting for racial and social justice:

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