After the mildest Winter I have ever experienced in Minnesota here we are, already one
month into Spring. How time flies when you are having fun! And for Adlerians, fun
equals social interest in action.

Although Adler Graduate School is best known for the excellent education we offer to
future mental health professionals, our contribution to the greater Minnesota
community also includes providing relevant and quality educational programs to
already licensed mental health professionals. This January, with support from the
Minnesota Department of Public Safety, we started offering a program focused on
preparing mental health professionals to better meet the wellness and mental health
needs of Minnesota law enforcement personnel and their families. The program focuses
on the culture and specific stressors faced by this population and on the most effective
ways in which mental health professionals can help them develop and maintain
wellness when faced with daily traumatic events. As of today, 55 mental health
professionals have completed the program, and approximately 100 more are expected
to participate between now and June 2025. The program is an example of how AGS
demonstrates social interest in action, as healthy peace officers translate into a
healthier community and increased public safety.

When we think of Spring, one of the first words that comes to mind is growth. This
Spring brings to our Adlerian community an important step toward growth: an effort to
increase our awareness and knowledge of how we can continue to promote social
justice through continuous development and implementation of curricular,
instructional, and administrative practices within our own School. By now, we all have
been invited to participate in group-specific BEAD (belonging, equity, accessibility, and
diversity) surveys that will help identify our opportunities for improvement and the
current strengths upon which we can build. I encourage everyone to demonstrate their
own social interest in action and contribute to this internal initiative, by completing the
survey and helping us gain an accurate understanding of what we do well and where
and how we can continue to improve.

Social interest takes many shapes and forms. In addition to the two examples above,
the next articles provide numerous other examples of how the Adler Graduate School
community demonstrates social interest in action. Enjoy the reading and remember
to share with Nikki ( the different ways in which
you help make the world a better place. Thank you for all you do!

~Dr. Solange Ribeiro
AGS President

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