President’s Message

Many times, we forget to recognize and celebrate our achievements, especially in these pandemic times. As we move forward with vaccinating and practicing CDC health guidelines, I am looking forward to having people back on campus. We are planning to resume with in-person classes in the Fall semester: October 4, 2021. I look forward to celebrating with our students, faculty, and staff.

Over the last year as a college, we have a lot to be thankful for and to celebrate.
• We have earned our 10-year accreditation from the Higher Learning Commission and have been asked to present our assessment and quality education plan in a poster presentation at the next HLC annual meeting.
• We have developed and implemented processes to monitor the quality of the education we offer. These include signature assignments to measure key performance indicators (KPIs) and student learning objectives (SLOs); measuring each KPI three times during each program; a process for evaluating professional dispositions; and a comprehensive program evaluation plan (PEP) for each program.
• We have proved to be successful and resilient in our educational deliveries (synchronous, asynchronous, and hybrid classes) and were able to adapt seamlessly to the restrictions caused by COVID-19. Even though we will have some in-person classes again, we have transformed the way we deliver education.
• We have applied for CACREP accreditation for the counseling programs and are considered “in process.”
• We have instituted a new marketing campaign with our partner Spark-451, which already has resulted in an increase in prospects.
• With Spark-451, we are creating a new website, which is rolling out in May/June. The website will have password-protected sections for students, faculty, and staff.
• HLC has approved our second MA Degree in Applied Adlerian Psychology in Leadership.
• Secured PELSB accreditation for the School Counseling program for four more years.
• Applied for and secured a site visit from ACATE for accreditation of the Art Therapy program.
• Our faculty occupy leadership positions in local, state, and national professional associations.
• The leadership has approved a tuition scholarship based on Inclusion, Diversity, Equality and Accessibility, to support educating counselors from underserved communities.
• The Hub for Student Development has been created, bringing the whole campus together to support students, deliver quality education, and engage in social interest in action.
• The Adlerian Students in Action group has grown to more than 150 students.

Of course, we are thankful for our families and community members and all their contributions to our well-being. We continue to stay strong with our Adlerian values of dignity, respect, equality, courage, purpose, and belonging. I am thankful to have the best faculty and staff on the planet, who care and are highly accomplished in their fields. With our focus on quality education, student learning, and making the world a better place, we remain strong in fulfilling our mission of “preparing mental health and human service professionals with a strong Adlerian foundation.”

I look forward to the new normal when we can meet in person again as a college community.

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