President’s Message

Adler (1938/2011) stated in the book Social Interest: A Challenge to Mankind that “the individual’s proper development can only progress if [they live] and strive as part of the whole” (p. 282).

We have seen this time and time again and reinforced during these uncertain times. We all have made sacrifices and supported each other through this pandemic. Now that the data has led the CDC to change its guidelines and to open up outdoor events, we have decided to start exploring a live graduation outside in August for all of the graduates who have graduated over the last year. We are still exploring what is the safest way to hold an outdoor event while respecting the safety of all the participants. We recommend everyone gets vaccinated to protect themselves and others, as a measure of respect for the rest of the community.

We also are excited to begin preparation to be back on campus during the Fall semester. For Adler (1938/2011), virtue is that we all play our part to support cooperation, and lack of cooperation prevents social feeling, or Gemeinschaftsgefühl, which then leads to an unhealthy world (p. 283).

With this understanding that the individual is strongest in a diverse, healthy, and cooperative community, we must continue to strive for those factors that encourage cooperation and strength through diversity, respect, and equality. We at Adler Graduate School are proud of our community with its determination to create a better, cooperative world; supporting respect, equality, and belonging in a healthy community.

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