Hello Adler Graduate School community,

Much has happened at Adler Graduate School since our Spring newsletter was published. As
announced, Dr. Jeff Allen retired in May, and I was instated as Interim President for the 2022-23
academic year. This will allow the School to continue to operate according to the systems implemented
in the last four years and will give us time to search for a permanent President who shares our values,
believes in shared leadership, and has the characteristics and drive to support our mission.

Talking about our mission, framed by our values of providing quality education grounded on Adlerian
principles and respect for diversity, I am excited to report that the Counseling program received 8-year
accreditation from CACREP (the maximum accreditation period offered by CACREP), ending in October
2030. This means that graduates from CMHC, CODAC, or MCFC specialties who graduated after July 9,
2020, are considered to have graduated from a CACREP-accredited program, which opens doors to
working with the military population and veterans’ administration, as well as to nationwide license
portability. Congratulations to all who participated in the accreditation process!

As we continue to strive toward preparing mental health and human service professionals with a strong
Adlerian foundation to foster encouragement, collaboration, and a sense of belonging with the
individuals, families, and the culturally diverse communities they serve, faculty, staff, and members of
the Board of Directors participated in a strategic planning day on September 16th. The process
included examining the progress made in the last four years, establishing new strategic goals, and
creating plans of action for continuous development. I am happy to report that re-opening admissions
to the school counseling specialty in Fall 2023 was one of the short-term goals identified. To this end,
we are starting to prepare to apply for CACREP accreditation for the School Counseling specialty and
are seeking to recruit a doctoral level counselor educator who holds a school counselor professional

As you can see, we have had a productive Summer term. I welcome everyone back to what I hope will
be a highly engaged and equally positive Fall term!

President’s Message
Dr. Solange Ribeiro

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